$350,000 Motor Vehicle/Trucking Accident

Date: Winter 2020
Attorney: John E. Molinari, Esq.
Settlement: $350,000.00 Practice Area: Trucking Accident

John E. Molinari represented a 27 year old school teacher who was driving her car on a side street in Hoboken when she was struck from behind by a truck. The property damage was minimal. Plaintiff’s injuries involved pain in her neck and back. Despite all negative diagnostic test results, her pain continued. Plaintiff’s medical treatment included bilateral lumbar medial branch blocks bilaterally, two radiofrequency ablations, steroid injections, and an implantation of a spinal cord stimulator. The defendant questioned the need for the extensive pain management and spinal cord stimulator citing to all the negative diagnostic test results including MRIs. The plaintiff made a very compelling witness and the case settled for $350,000.00 just prior to trial.