$4.197 Million Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

Blume Donnelly partner Jeffrey J. Zenna represented a full-time career army boat operator who completed two tours of active duty in Iraq. The 26-year-old man was returning from Iraq and driving from New York to his home in Virginia. The young man’s car had a flat tire, so he pulled off to the shoulder of the highway to change to his spare. While outside of the car and changing his tire, he was struck by another vehicle, causing tibia and fibula fractures and a vascular injury to his lower leg. The vascular injury caused compromised blood flow in the limb, and ultimately resulted in the amputation of his leg above the knee two years after the accident. The man is still on active duty. Despite several versions of the accident by accounts of witnesses, Jeffrey was able to establish liability attributable to a Canadian driver, and he negotiated this significant settlement with the Canadian insurance carrier through which the defendant driver maintained an insurance policy.