$764,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle / Pedestrian Accident

John Molinari represented a 51-year-old Jersey City man who was struck by a school bus, causing him to suffer both physical and cognitive injuries. Our client was crossing Kennedy Boulevard on his way home from work as a doorman in a residential building. The bus was owned by a private bus company and had no passengers at the time. The man suffered a fractured left leg that required two surgeries to repair. The man also suffered mild memory loss from the accident, making it difficult for him to remember tenant’s names at his job after he returned to work. He still walks with a slight limp and occasionally uses a cane. The settlement amount included $14,000 in wages lost by the man while he was disabled from his job for over one year (he had a private disability plan that did cover part of his wage loss). The case settled after a mediation with a Retired Superior Court Judge.