$750 Thousand Settlement for Medical Malpractice

A 57-year-old plus Bergen County man’s primary care physician, after ordering routine PSAs on prior occasions, failed to continue that practice, resulting in a delay in the diagnosis of prostate cancer.

In 2006 and 2007 PSAs were ordered by the physician and the results were within normal limits (1.38); however, the second result, while still within normal limits, was significantly more elevated than the first. (2.6). This change represented a PSA doubling time of 1.9 years. Despite returning to the office multiple times over the ensuing 5-6 years, no further PSAs were ordered, nor were there any discussions about whether or not the study should be ordered. Then, in 2014, a PSA was again finally ordered, and, the results were elevated. > 4.0) (15.2). A repeat PSA was performed and the results were even more highly elevated, prompting a referral to a urologist. (20.3)

A biopsy of the prostate was performed resulting in a diagnosis of advanced malignant disease, with a Gleason score of 7, which required surgery, treatment with radiation and with Lupron. The patient has continued to survive albeit with the side effects of the Lupron which he continues to take periodically.

Blume Forte partner Mike Zerres handled the case and helped obtain a $750,000.00 out of Court settlement for the client.