$500,000 Recovery for Failure to Diagnose Eagle-Barrett Syndrome During Pregnancy

Blume Donnelly partner Michael Zerres obtained a settlement on behalf of a family whose son was born with Eagle-Barrett Syndrome, also known as Prune Belly Syndrome. During her pregnancy, the mother underwent an ultrasound, and, according to the radiologist, it revealed a dilated ureter. The radiologist recommended that the obstetrician perform a more detailed sonographic examination, but the doctor failed to follow this advice, and, also failed to advise the parents of the abnormal finding. Had a higher-level ultrasound been performed, a diagnosis of probable prune belly syndrome could have been made, allowing the parents the option of terminating the pregnancy, or, continuing with the pregnancy. After their son was born, he required extensive reconstructive surgery because of the absence of abdominal wall muscles, bilateral orchiopexies, and, removal of an atrophic kidney. The child, now 3 years of age, requires lifetime monitoring for disease in the remaining kidney, which is at increased risk for dysfunction. The family obtained a $500,000 recovery.