$1,500,000 Recovery for Birth Injury / Developmental Disabilities

A Mercer County boy recently obtained a $ 1.5 Million settlement for injuries that occurred around the time of birth. Due to medications his mother had to take during pregnancy, it was recommended that there be routine, or serial, ultrasound screenings during the pregnancy to monitor fetal well-being. Unfortunately, those screenings were not done, and, when the mom was admitted to the hospital for delivery, a c-section had to be performed for apparent fetal distress. After delivery, the newborn went onto to suffer bleeding complications and persistent pulmonary hypertension. It was contended that these complications could have been avoided with an earlier delivery, had the serial ultrasounds for fetal well-being been performed as suggested. In all likelihood, the screenings would have identified a hostile uterine environment resulting in the baby being delivered before the potential for damage arose. Due to the newborn’s injuries, the boy has gone on to develop persistent developmental delays and requires special education and attention. Blume Donnelly Partner Michael B. Zerres obtained the settlement on behalf of the young boy and his family.