Motor Vehicle/Truck Accident

Date: Summer 2019
Attorney: John E. Molinari, Esq.
Settlement: $550,000.00
Practice Area: Pedestrian Accident / Motor Vehicle Accident / Worker’s Compensation Accident

John E. Molinari represented a 37 year old man who was in the course of his employment as the owner/operator of a tractor-trailer. He had parked near a convenience store at a gas station when he was walking through the parking area and was struck by the defendant’s vehicle that was backing out of a parking space. Plaintiff’s injuries included bilateral L5 pars fractures, impingement of the right shoulder and an ACL joint arthrosis resulting in shoulder arthroscopy, right knee sprain with Patellofemoral Syndrome, and a triangular fibrocartilage complex tear of right wrist with surgery.

After the exchange of written discovery, this matter settled for the total sum of $550,000.00 where the defendant’s primary insurance carrier contributed $300,000.00 and their excess insurance carrier paid $250,000.00.