$450,000 Settlement for Fall in Mall Parking Lot

Blume Donnelly partner Mitchell Makowicz represented a woman in her early 50s who slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot of a strip mall in Bergen County. Mr. Makowicz’s investigation disclosed that there had been a significant snowfall a few days earlier with plowing and salt treatment of the parking lot but that the ice had re-formed due to thaw and refreeze. The existence of the icy condition was proven by photographs taken by a family member hours after the fall, and by records of the snow plowing defendant which showed significant salting was done the day after the accident. The plaintiff sustained injuries to her back and to her wrist, both requiring surgical treatment. The plaintiff was left with permanent back pain and a limp, and is permanently disabled from working. The case, venued in Bergen County, settled for $450,000.