$2,750,000 Jury Verdict for Pedestrian Knockdown

John Molinari represented a pedestrian struck by the side view mirror of a passing car as he stood in the street speaking with his employees at the start of his workday as a plumber. As a result of the impact, our client suffered herniated discs in his back and neck, requiring ongoing medical care for pain management since the accident. He has undergone chiropractic care, physical therapy, electric stimulator and biofeedback therapies, and other pain management treatment including thirteen epidural injections to his spine. The Defendant’s insurance company refused to make any offer to settle; claiming that our client was responsible for the accident, and that his injuries did not meet the permanency requirements under New Jersey law. After a 5 day trial in which John called five medical experts to the witness stand, the jury returned a verdict finding the defendant 100% at fault, and awarded damages totaling $2,750,000 With pre-judgment interest the recovery totals over $3,000,000.