$660,000 Settlement for Death of Patient Following Kidney Transplant

The estate of a man with end stage renal disease who underwent a successful kidney transplant recovered a $660,000 settlement from those who made errors during his post-operative care that resulted in his death. Following his successful transplant surgery, the man developed abdominal and chest pain, which tests determined was not of a cardiac origin. His treating nephrologist ordered an abdominal obstructive series x-ray, which revealed free air consistent with a colon perforation. However, the test results were not communicated to the ordering physician by the radiologist. The nephrologist, before checking on the results himself, ordered Dulcolax, a suppository, which would be contraindicated in a patient with a bowel perforation. After taking the medication, the patients pain worsened, the results of the x-ray were discovered and a emergency Cat scan revealed a bowel perforation. Urgent surgery was performed, but significant fecal spillage occurred, resulting in peritonitis ultimately contributing to the mans death several days later. The matter was resolved by BG partner, MBZ.