$1,150,000 Settlement for Construction Accident

John Molinari represented a 35-year-old man who, in the course of his employment as a plumber working on a school renovation project, was injured when an interior drain pipe became dislodged and struck him in the head. Roofing contractors were removing the old roof in the area above where the plaintiff was working. As part of the removal process, the plaintiff stated that the contractors were using a gas-powered machine the size of a snowblower. The plaintiff’s experts opined that the roofers struck the roof drain with the machine, causing the interior pipe to dislodge and drop on the plaintiff’s head. The roofers denied responsibility and claimed that they were not working in the area at the time.

The plaintiff was rushed to the hospital, where he immediately underwent surgery for a skull fracture. He also sustained a traumatic brain injury, scalp lacerations, and cervical disc herniations and radiculopathy. He was unable to return to work after the incident due to post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and decreased cognitive functioning. The case settled at mediation for $1,150,000.