$2.2 Million Settlement for Transit Passenger Injured in Fall from Train

Ron Goldfaden represented a 25-year-old import-export manager who was severely injured in a fall from a moving train, suffering head wounds, fractures to his hip, ribs, and spine, as well as other injuries.

As a result of the fall, the plaintiff uses a walker, cannot use his hand or leg and cannot work.

The plaintiff was standing in the vestibule between two train cars at the time of the accident. He fell to the tracks when the train door opened unexpectedly.

The defense attorneys argued that he shouldn’t have been in such a dangerous place in a moving train, and that there are warning signs posted on the train to that effect.

But Ron showed that the plaintiff was standing on the vestibule only because the train was extremely overcrowded, and that it was the train personnel’s duty not to allow such overcrowding.

Ron negotiated a settlement of $2.2 million dollars for his client.