$550,000 Settlement for Construction Accident

Blume Donnelly partner David M. Fried represented a 40-year-old ironworker who fell while working at a new construction site. The man was working at a height where OSHA regulations require that fall protection equipment must be provided, but it is not mandatory that it be used. Because of some confusion in communication, the man may also have been in a location higher than where he was supposed to be working. He was not using the fall protection equipment issued by the employer at the time he fell. He sustained 3 herniated discs in his neck and has had 2 surgeries, the second involving a cervical spine fusion. It is likely he will be limited in his ability to work as an ironworker in the future. However, his past income was very limited making it difficult to assert a significant future lost wage claim. Despite the difficulties inherent in this claim, David Fried was able to settle the case for more than half a million dollars.