$800,000 Settlement for Infant with Developmental/Language Delay Due to Misuse of Pitocin

BG partner Michael Zerres secured a $800,000 gross settlement for a four-year-old south Jersey boy who currently experiences language delays as a consequence of an asphyxial injury that occurred at birth. The mother’s labor was improperly managed by both a nurse and attending obstetrician, who failed to recognize signs of uterine hyper contractility due to the administration of Pitocin. The uterus was contracting at an excessive rate, resulting in decreased flow of oxygen to the baby. This required discontinuance of the Pitocin and an emergency c-section delivery. Over his lifetime, the child will receive more than 2½ million dollars in benefits. During the course of litigation, the doctor’s insurance company became insolvent, and recovery from the physician was limited to the amount available from the NJ Guaranty Association.