$2.4 Million Settlement for Infant Medical Malpractice

In March, John Blume negotiated a 2.4 million dollar settlement for Blume Goldfaden clients on behalf of their 10 year-old daughter. This medical negligence lawsuit against St. Joseph’s Hospital (Paterson, NJ) and several of its nurses and physicians was filed four years ago, after the parents sought help for their daughter’s neurological problems which affect her behavior and limit her intellectual abilities.

In June 1983 the mother, pregnant with her first child, was admitted to St. Joseph’s. Already past her due date, she spent two days in the hospital before her daughter was born and was seen only once by the attending physician supervising the residents who treated her.

Because of the substandard treatment given to the mother, their daughter suffered from hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, which caused permanent neurological damage.