$165,000 Jury Verdict for Inadequate Security Resulting in a Stabbing

In this inadequate security premises liability case , Blume Donnelly partner John Molinari represented a bar patron who was viciously stabbed by an unknown assailant as he exited the bar after a New Year’s celebration. The victim nearly died from the wounds, and a claim was brought against the bar for failing to provide adequate security. Mr. Molinari was able to show the jury that the bar had an off-duty police officer working there on other busy nights, but they did not provide any security for this busy New Year’s party. The bar claimed that although no security was present, it would not have mattered since the attack occurred outside and no security measures would have prevented it. An offer of $25,000 was made during jury selection, which was rejected. After a five-day trial, the jury returned a verdict of $165,000.