Confidential Settlement for a Minor for Medical Malpractice / IV Infiltrate

Jeffrey Zenna represented a young child who suffered an IV Infiltrate while being treated at a hospital. An IV infiltrate occurs when IV fluid leaks into surrounding tissue instead of going into the intended blood vessel. It is commonly caused by improper placement of the IV, a failure to recognize that the IV has become dislodged or that the vein is no longer viable to receive IV fluids. The IV infiltrate caused our client to be chemically “burned” by the fluid, resulting in scarring to the child’s hand. Mr. Zenna was able to prove that the child’s IV was not checked on an hourly basis as required by the standard of care accepted and practiced within the medical community.

Some of the proceeds of the settlement will be set aside so the child can have scar revision surgery, if they so choose, when they get older.