$675,000 Settlement for Pedestrian Trapped by Bus

Blume Donnelly partner John E. Molinari represented a 57-year-old secretary who was hit by a bus and sustained severe orthopedic injuries to her dominant left arm. Our client was visiting her husband at his place of business where he ran a bus rental company. The woman was about to enter the company’s garage when she noticed that a bus was backing up from the street to enter the garage. She moved aside by the outside corner of the garage door, so as to be out of the way of the moving bus. The bus driver misjudged the angle of how he was to pull in, and was going to hit the outside corner wall of the garage near our client. The woman, to warn the driver, banged on the side of the bus to get the driver to stop. The driver continued to pull back pinning our client’s left arm against the wall, and causing multiple fractures including to the elbow. Our client required six surgical procedures, including the placement of surgical hardware, and ultimately a complete elbow replacement with a prosthesis. She has extensive scarring, limitations in range of motion (can not lift her arm above her head), and continues to undergo intensive physical therapy to help regain function. Mr. Molinari settled this case on the eve of trial for $675,000.