$1 Million Settlement – Foot Drop Following Orthopedic Surgery

A Middlesex County family accepted a settlement on behalf of their daughter who underwent an orthopedic procedure to correct ‘bowed legs’ from Blount’s disease. During the surgery, which required the use of external fixators, an injury was caused to the tibial nerve. Post-surgery, the girl’s physical therapists noticed a developing left foot drop and advised her surgeon. However, as a result of a 10 month delay in addressing the complaint, the foot drop persisted and could no longer be corrected by a planned neurosurgical intervention. As a result, the young lady is left with a mild residual foot drop on the left side, occasionally requiring the use of a brace for activities. She will also likely need a tendon transfer surgery to correct the remaining deficit left from the nerve injury. Michael Zerres assisted the family in obtaining the settlement for their daughter.