$2.3 Million Settlement for Failure to Timely Treat Hemorrhaging

In this medical malpractice case, Blume Donnelly principal David M. Fried represented a young woman who had a history of gastric ulcers. Having vomited a significant amount of blood, the woman presented to the emergency room. where her internal bleeding was diagnosed and she was given fluids and blood transfusions. Despite her failure to respond to treatment, and other ongoing signs of internal hemorrhaging and severe blood loss, the treating doctors delayed in obtaining a surgical consultation. Numerous failures in communication among the treating doctors and the ongoing delays in obtaining the consultation and performing surgery to stop her bleeding, allowed the woman to have such extensive blood loss as to cause hemorrhagic shock and cardiorespiratory arrest. As a result of the cardiorespiratory arrest, the woman sustained a lack of oxygen to the brain, leaving her brain damaged and profoundly neurologically impaired. She is now 37 years of age and resides with her parents in Poland where she is bed ridden and requires round-the-clock care. Mr. Fried settled this medical negligence case for $2.3 million.