$130,000 Settlement for Construction Accident / Product Liability

The firm represented a young construction worker who sustained injuries while operating a large gravel crusher. When the gravel crushing system jammed and the plaintiff went to clear the jam in the machine, a large steel door which covered the access to the gravel crushing components of the machine fell on our client’s arm. It was alleged that the same steel door on the earlier models of the machine had a hydraulic fail-safe system in place to ensure that the door could not close spontaneously, but the newer models of the machine did not contain the same safety feature. Additionally, the steel door was to remain open while our client went to clear the blockage even without the fail-safe system, but because of an alleged manufacturing defect, the door did not sit safely and securely in its open position. Claims relating to manufacturing defects as well as design defects were alleged against the manufacturer of the gravel crusher. The case was favorably resolved for $130,000.