$600,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death in Car Crash

Harris Feldman’s client was the owner of a car provided by her employer, an Alabama company with a regional office in NJ. She and her live-in boyfriend spent a weekend in Atlantic City and upon leaving to go home on April 9, 2010, Harris’ client was too tired to drive. So, they decided her boyfriend would drive. While driving, the boyfriend lost control of the vehicle. This caused the vehicle to leave the road, hit a ditch, and roll over several times, with the vehicle landing on its roof. The boyfriend claimed that he swerved to avoid an object in the road. Harris’ client was killed, while the boyfriend only suffered minor injuries.

The client’s employer’s insurance company declined to provide insurance coverage, relying on a company policy manual which directed employees not to permit anyone else to drive a company vehicle. Harris successfully obtained a court ruling that under NJ law the boyfriend was covered under the the policy.

The matter settled just prior to trial for $600,000.00.