$750,000 Settlement for Failure to Timely Intubate

The estate of a 33-year-old single woman obtained a $750,000 recovery from two Essex County physicians who failed to timely intubate her following a routine diagnostic bronchoscopy. Following the bronchoscopy, performed with fiberoptic equipment, the patient began to desaturate, and this required prompt intubation to re-oxygenate the patient. The doctors who were caring for her, a pulmonologist and anesthesiologist, both failed to utilize the available fiberoptic equipment, just used to perform the bronchoscopy. As a result, more than 10 minutes passed before the woman was intubated, resulting in a hypoxic brain injury. Due to the extent of the brain injury, a decision was made to discontinue life support and she passed away shortly thereafter. Blume Donnelly Partner Michael Zerres represented the woman’s family.