$800,000 Settlement for Failing to Diagnose Kidney Disease

A 25-year-old man recently settled his medical malpractice case brought against two of his pediatricians, who failed to timely refer him to a nephrologist after routine laboratory tests revealed an elevated Creatine level when he was a teenager.

Creatine, which is part of a CMP, or complete metabolic panel, is a measure of a patient’s kidney function. In 2009, the patient’s Creatine was reported as 1.9, which is slightly elevated. In addition, a urinalysis was positive for protein in the urine. However, there was no referral by the pediatrician to a kidney specialist. A subsequent urinalysis was also abnormal for proteinuria, but again, there was no referral or follow up testing.

Later, the family switched pediatricians and the new physician ordered a CMP which revealed a highly elevated Creatine of 14.37, which required an emergency hospital admission for dialysis. Ultimately, the patient was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, and, after years of dialysis was able to receive a kidney transplant.

While his kidney function has returned to normal, he was, nonetheless awarded an $800,000.00 settlement from the prior pediatricians who failed to follow up on his abnormal lab results. He was represented by Blume Forte partner, Mike Zerres.