$350,000 Settlement for Lead Poisoning

Richard Villanova represented a young boy, now nine years old, who resided with his family in New Brunswick, NJ. The plaintiff lived in a home where lead base paint was present in both the hallways of the home as well as the windows and bedrooms of the apartment. Upon receiving the Board of Health records documenting the presence of lead base paint, Richard had the child examined by a pediatric neurologist as well as a neuro-psychologist who determined that as a result of the lead base paint exposure, he suffered from severe cognitive deficiencies. At depositions, the defendants denied the presence of chipping paint in the hallways and in the apartment despite being shown photographs of that hazardous condition. The defendants also hired a neuro-psychologist who determined that the child’s difficulties in school were due to living in a bilingual household and that lead paint played no role in his learning disabilities. Despite these arguments made by the defendants, and after extensive litigation and depositions, Richard was able to settle the claim at a mediation for $350,000.