$3.75 Million Settlement for Auto Product Liability / Wrongful Death

The firm represented the estate of a young up-and-coming fashion model whose life and career came to a tragic end when the taxi cab she was riding in was struck in the rear and burst into flames while stalled on the New Jersey Turnpike.

Like many of our cases this case involved several layers of responsibility which lead to the young woman’s death. The manufacturer of the cab designed a defective vehicle that should not have burst into flames but did. Our investigation also showed that the taxi cab had stalled more than 8 times that day and when it stalled for the 9th and last time the driver left the cab with the young woman in it sitting in the fast lane of the New Jersey Turnpike. Documents found during the case showed that the vehicle had a history of problems and testimony revealed that the cab company forced the driver to take the vehicle out even though it was not operating properly.,The firm and paralegals working on this case navigated the complex maze of liability and successfully resolved the matter against all parties for a total recovery of $3.75 million.