Confidential Settlement for Gas Explosion

The firm represented the estate of an 86-year-old man who sustained serious injuries as a result of a gas explosion in a large multi-building apartment complex. All of the first responder reports suggested the stove top in the apartment had been misused by the plaintiff. That misuse (leaving the gas knobs turned in an open position) purportedly caused the gas build up in the apartment. The firm took dozens of depositions and was able to establish that the apartment complex had prior issues with rotting gas lines in the basements of the buildings, and had numerous gas leak issues in the buildings at this particular complex in the past.

Unfortunately by the time this law firm was retained, all of the gas lines had been changed in the subject building and none of the original gas lines remained. The firm retained a top of the line mechanical engineer /fire investigator who tested the subject stove top by hooking it up to air and gas sources to measure the output of gas that would be generated if the knobs had been left opened as the defense was contending the plaintiff did in this case.

The expert opined that in all likelihood the amount of gas released by the stove top could not have been enough to cause the explosion that occurred. He further concluded that it was more likely than not the same leaking gas line issues that had occurred in at least six of the other buildings at the complex over the past 10 years prior to the subject accident that caused the gas to build up in the apartment. The case resolved favorably prior to trial for an amount which remains confidential pursuant to agreement.