$700,000 Settlement for Late Bypass Surgery Complication

A young woman had successful gastric bypass surgery. Many years later, she developed signs and symptoms of a small bowel obstruction, which include nausea, vomiting, and gastric discomfort. These symptoms actually were a result of one of the potential complications of the type of surgery performed: a Petersen’s hernia, or, a hernia of the small intestine into the mesentery. The hernia required emergent surgical repair, but the repair was alleged to have been done incorrectly, resulting in additional surgery, loss of small bowel and significant scarring. Unfortunately, the surgeon who performed the repair was inexperienced in gastric bypass procedures , and, apparently was not familiar with potential complication of a Petersen’s hernia, nor how to properly repair it. Blume Donnelly partner Michael B. Zerres settled the matter for the woman.