$750,000 Settlement for Defective Roller Blades

Ron Goldfaden’s teenage client was seriously injured rollerblading when unable to stop at bottom of hill. Mr. Goldfaden won a $750,000 settlement from the rollerblade maker on the basis of a defective product.

In 1994, the client, a then 17-year-old high school student, was engaged in his favorite outdoor activity: rollerblading. That morning, he had replaced the worn rear brake pad with a new one. As he skated down a steep hill, the new brake pad fell apart and failed to stop his descent. He went through a stop sign and was struck by a passing car.

Blume, Goldfaden attorney Ron Goldfaden hired a metallurgist to examine the roller blades worn by the student. The metallurgical expert was able to pinpoint the manufacturing defect that caused the brand-new brake pad to literally disintegrate.

The teenager struck by the car suffered compound fractures to both legs and was in danger of having to undergo a leg amputation. After multiple operations, he has permanent injuries and scarring.

On behalf of his young client, Mr. Goldfaden obtained a $750,000 settlement from the manufacturer.