$995,000 Settlement for Bicycle Accident Causing Traumatic Brain Injury

Partner David Fried represented a cyclist riding on the shoulder of a roadway in Chatham, New Jersey. A car coming from the opposite direction on the two-lane road made a left into a driveway, cutting in front of our client and causing a collision. Our client struck his head on the car and possibly again when he fell to the ground. He was not wearing a helmet, and sustained a brain bleed requiring a craniotomy to evacuate the blood collection in his head. Unfortunately, the head trauma resulted in our client suffering permanent cognitive deficits and a seizure disorder. He required a tracheostomy for ventilator support, and also sustained a fractured wrist. Mr. Fried retained an accident reconstruction expert to establish the liability of the defendant car driver, as well as a medical expert to determine the likely extent of injuries had our client been wearing a helmet. Despite our client’s absence of head protection, David was able to settle this claim for $995,000.