$1 Million Settlement for Adult Cerebral Palsy Victim Collects from Birth Doctor

A 21-year-old woman suffering from cerebral palsy will receive a lump sum cash payment of $1 million, in a settlement reached with one of the physicians who failed to treat her properly after her birth.

The woman was born in St. James Hospital, Newark, in 1971, weighing a little over four pounds. Although she was afflicted with hypoglycemia, her attending physician failed to recognize or treat the condition. Ultimately transferred to St. Michael’s Hospital and treated for the low glucose level, she nevertheless developed cerebral palsy, damaging her motor function, but leaving her intellectual ability unharmed.

The suit, instituted against several physicians and the two hospitals, recently resulted in a $1 million settlement against one of the physicians, the full extent of his professional liability coverage at the time. The case was handled by Blume Donnelly attorney John Blume.