$400,000 Settlement for Limo Accident

  • Date: Winter 2016
  • Attorney: John E. Molinari
  • Settlement: $400,000
  • Practice Areas: Motor Vehicle Accidents, Third Party Liability

John Molinari represented a 32-year-old man who was a passenger in a limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike in Jersey City when the driver crashed into another vehicle. The plaintiff sustained a left hip fracture requiring surgery, hand fractures requiring multiple surgeries, head trauma, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, cerebral concussion, and loss of consciousness.

The use of the limousine was provided to plaintiff as part of his job as a stockbroker in NYC. The limousine company alleged the driver was an independent contractor and that they did not provide coverage for him. The driver had only $100,000 in coverage. The plaintiff had retained prior counsel who recommended that he accept the $100,000 and settle his case. Plaintiff was recommended to see John Molinari, who decided to sue the limousine company. The company in turn sued their insurance broker. After extensive discovery and after starting the trial, the case settled for $400,000. $100,000 was paid by the driver, $200,000 was paid by the insurance broker, and $100,000 was paid directly from the pocket of the owner of the limousine company.