$325,000 Settlement for Dental Malpractice

  • Date: Winter 2015
  • FIRM
  • Settlement: $325,000
  • Practice Areas: Medical Malpractice, Dental Malpractice

A dental malpractice case was filed for a 67-year-old client who had received dental treatment from a dentist for over 20 years and had lost most of his teeth requiring some dental implants. It was alleged that the crowns that were put on multiple times by the dentist were not put on properly and that, as a result, the underlying teeth were allowed to decay. The defense argued that the plaintiff did not properly care for his teeth and that most of the decay was a result of preexisting conditions such as the plaintiff’s age, his prior teeth ailments and that some of his excessive tooth decay was related to his occupation as a fire investigator. The firm was successful in obtaining a settlement of $325,000.