$825,000 Verdict for Fall from Second Floor of Apartment Complex

On the morning of August 12, 1999, a 53-year-old female client of the firm was at the second-floor apartment of a friend, having agreed to clean it for him. The apartment complex was limited to seniors and disabled. Approximately one year before the accident, the complex management installed security bars in each and every apartment. Unbeknownst to Ms. Bell, the bar in her friend’s apartment was improperly installed, such that it would always inadvertently engage whenever the door was closed. While on the balcony to clean the sliding doors, Ms. Bell was locked out of the apartment.

Despite efforts to get help, including shouting for help, throwing furniture off the balcony and even throwing her sneakers at an adjoining apartment, her efforts were in vain. As a result, Ms. Bell attempted to climb down but slipped and fell, causing her to sustain a serious vertebral fracture. She required decompression, stabilization, and arthrodesis and has been left with a gait abnormality and weakness of several lower muscle groups.

The matter was tried in Atlantic County by Blume Donnelly lawyer, Mitchell J. Makowicz, Jr., and, the jury found the defendant Aloe Village 70% negligent, and, the client 30% comparatively negligent, awarding a gross sum total of $825,295.14 for her damages and injuries. Following the molding of the verdict and the application of pre-judgment interest, the verdict will total approximately $691,000.