$2.5 Million Settlement for Failure to Diagnose Malignant Spinal Tumor Case

The firm obtained a $2.5 million settlement on behalf of a young girl from Idaho who was 16 years old when she presented on the occasions over a four-day period in June of 2000 to a South Jersey Hospital and to a physician w/c/o back pain of a month’s duration and a feeling of numbness in her lower extremities. During the first Emergency Room visit, the young lady was diagnosed with back pain and told that she might have a kidney stone. Upon discharge, she was advised to have an intravenous pyelogram and to f/u with her private physician. The next day, she saw a private physician, who advised her to return to the hospital the following day for follow-up. The Hospital did not have the capability to perform an MRI on that date and she was advised to return for an MRI the next day. The next day, the MRI facility could not do the MRI and told her to return the following day. However, later that evening, she could not move her left leg and again went to the Hospital’s Emergency Room. On June 26, 2000, when an MRI could still not be promptly performed at the Hospital, the young girl was transferred to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where an MRI revealed a malignant spinal tumor. As a result of the alleged 4-day delay in diagnosis , the plaintiff suffers from spastic para paresis.