$560,000 Settlement for Construction Accident / Product Liability

David M. Fried represented a man in his 50s who worked for a company that painted storage tanks. They were hired to sandblast and then repaint tanks at a tank farm in Bayonne, New Jersey. Our client was on a scaffold with two other men, suspended approximately 40 feet above the ground. Co-workers had assembled the scaffold, including the suspension equipment. The scaffold was improperly assembled: it was overloaded with the weight of the men and their supplies. It failed and fell. The workers either were not wearing fall protection or they were not properly tethered.

Our client sustained a very severe ankle fracture in the fall, necessitating multiple surgeries. He became disabled as a result, and cannot walk without a cane, or stand for long periods of time. David settled this claim for $560,000 David was also successful in getting the workers’ compensation carrier to waive their lien, and to continue to pay future worker’s compensation benefits in full.