$400,000 Settlement for Construction / Truck Accident

John Molinari represented a 40-year-old municipal police officer who had been hired by a construction company to direct traffic at a site while in uniform. Our client stopped traffic to allow the defendant trucker to turn. The truck driver took too wide a turn and struck a light pole which fell, striking our client’s left leg. The officer suffered an internal derangement, as well as partial ACL and medial meniscus tears to the left leg. The plaintiff also sustained a fracture of the left femur. The plaintiff required two arthroscopic surgeries approximately nine months apart, and, despite the procedures, he will permanently suffer some pain. The plaintiff, who was unable to return to work as a police officer, went out on 65% disability, and obtained a part time security position; such that no lost income claims were made. The case settled for $400,000 following a mediation.