$725,000 Jury Award for Unnecessary Foot Surgery

After a four-day trial, a Hudson County jury awarded Orlando Perez $625,000 and his wife $100,000. Perez’s feet were permanently and severely injured as a result of negligent treatment by a Jersey City podiatrist.

During the trial, Blume Donnelly lawyer Michael Zerres introduced experts who testified that Perez should have been fitted with a shoe insert instead of undergoing seven surgeries for removal of a non-existent tumor and foot deformities. Perez also developed phlebitis. But when he complained of pain in his chest, he was told to walk. This clear sign of pulmonary embolism was ignored, and Perez spent a week in intensive care and received last rites.

Perez was out of work for seven months and faces future surgery to fuse the bones in his feet.