$3.9 Million Settlement for Police Chase That Injured Three Pedestrians

A settlement totaling $3.9 million has been reached on behalf of three teenagers who were injured when they were struck by a stolen vehicle that was eluding a police pursuit. The accident occurred on July 19, 2001 on 6th Street and 12th Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. The driver of the stolen vehicle is currently serving time in prison after pleading guilty to eluding, aggravated manslaughter and receiving stolen property. Although the settlement agreement denies any admission of liability on the part of the City, the plaintiffs alleged that officers pursued the stolen vehicle in violation of N.J. Attorney General Guidelines, and after receiving a direct order from a supervisor not to pursue the vehicle. The City of Newark contended that there never was any police pursuit, and that the officers were simply following the stolen vehicle as it sped through the streets. The driver of the stolen vehicle ultimately lost control and collided with the three 17 year old friends as they conversed on the sidewalk. Two of the teens suffered broken legs which healed, but one of our clients was rendered a quadriplegic. The policy limit of $300,000 was paid by the insurer on behalf of the driver and owner of the stolen vehicle after Blume Donnelly attorneys uncovered circumstantial evidence suggesting that the owner conspired to have his vehicle “stolen” before it was to be repossessed. The balance of the settlement was paid by the City of Newark. Blume Donnelly Principal Ronald P. Goldfaden and Partner Mitchell J. Makowicz secured this 3.9 million dollar settlement.