$725,000 & $550,000 Settlements for Erb’s Palsy

Carol Forte recently settled three Erb’s Palsy cases, in amounts ranging from 550,000 to 725,000 dollars. The value of a case in which the injury is an Erb’s Palsy can vary greatly and depends in large part upon the severity of the injury. Carol has settled such cases for as much as 1,250,000 dollars. In one of the recently settled ones, the mother was admitted to the hospital to have a caesarian section, but the doctor covering for the admitting physician decided instead to attempt a vaginal delivery. During the birth the baby’s shoulder became wedged in place, and the doctor was forced to use several maneuvers to free the child, injuring the baby’s brachial plexus. Two of the cases recently concluded were against the same South Jersey obstetrician, who denied doing anything wrong in either case, but managed to permanently injure the nerves of both of these children, causing an Erb’s Palsy.