$950,000 Recovery for Unnecessary Cardiac Surgery

The family of a 62-year-old man obtained a $950,000.00 settlement as result of alleged malpractice that occurred during cardiothoracic surgery. The patient, who had indications for both a valve replacement and bypass procedure, was also scheduled for an aortic root replacement despite fact that his aorta was not sufficiently dilated for such a procedure as recommended by published guidelines. This significantly increased his operative time, and, the amount of time he would be on the bypass machine during the operation. Additionally, as a consequence of a femoral arterial line placement, the patient developed an intraoperative retroperitoneal hemorrhage. Instead of exploring the groin and attempting to locate and control the source of the bleed, the surgeon continued with the procedure. This resulted in significant blood loss, and, as a result significant blood replacement – causing a coagulopathy from which the patient could not recover. He expired the following day.

Blume Forte partner Michael B. Zerres represented the family.