$790,000 Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

David Fried represented a passenger in a car entering Route 46 from an on-ramp in Clifton, New Jersey. The driver had stopped due to traffic on Route 46. Apparently, the defendant driver behind plaintiff’s car thought the plaintiff’s car had started to move forward to enter the highway (but it had not), so the defendant moved forward and struck the plaintiff’s car from behind. The defendant estimated he moved no more than 5 to 10 feet, and was traveling at no more than 5 MPH at impact. There was virtually no property damage. None of the other passengers in our client’s car claimed any injuries.

Our client initially began a conservative course of treatment for neck and back injuries. Within approximately one year of the accident, she required neck surgery, including a fusion of vertebrae. Approximately one year later, she had laminectomy surgery of her lumbar spine (lower back), and about one year after that, she needed to undergo lumbar spine fusion surgery.

Our client was unemployed at the time of the accident, not married, and had no dependents.

The woman continues to use a cane for long walking trips. In addition, following her last lumbar surgery, she lost vision in one eye, which a retinal specialist related to the lengthy surgical procedure.

David settled this case for $790,000.