Obtained a $1 Million Settlement for Failure to Test or Recognize Meningitis

Kazazian v. Jariwala et al, The pediatrician who cared for a Passaic County infant failed to examine, recognize or test for meningitis even though the mother advised the physician by telephone that the child was irritable, moaning, not eating and running a high temperature. Because the pediatrician did not act properly, the child, Alexia Kazazian, now four years old, suffers from seizures, is hemiplegic and visually impaired.,In a partial settlement, Blume, Goldfaden Principal John Blume obtained $1 million for the family of the child, the full amount of the pediatrician’s policy. A separate claim is still pending against St. Joseph’s Hospital, and certain residents and nurses who also failed to promptly examine and treat the child, after her parents brought the child to the emergency room.