$3.35 Million Recovery for Infant with Brain Injury Following Mother’s Eclampsia

During her final third trimester visit with an Essex County hospital’s prenatal clinic, a pregnant mom began to show signs of possible preeclampsia with findings of edema, blood pressure elevated over what it had been on prior visits, and, protein in the urine. The mother who was young, a prima gravida and who is African American, was, as a result, also at an increased risk for developing preeclampsia. Instead of being more closely followed with frequent checks due to concerns of possible preeclampsia, the mother was instructed to return for a visit in one week. The follow up appointment was missed however, and, within the next week the mother experienced an seizure and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. There, she was diagnosed with eclampsia (preeclampsia with a seizure). Unfortunately, the seizure activity had reduced oxygen flow to the infant, resulting in a hypoxic-ischemic brain injury to the newborn girl, who had to be delivered by emergency c-section.

The girl, now 5, has significant developmental delays – and – possibly a reduced life expectancy as a result.

Blume Donnelly partner Michael B. Zerres represented the family, and in obtaining a $3.35 Million Dollar settlement, argued that had the mother been alerted to the possibility of developing preeclampsia, and, directed to report back to the clinic for more frequent checks of her blood pressure and urine, she would likely have been diagnosed with preeclampsia and could have been scheduled for an elective c-section prior to the date she experienced a seizure.