$3.13 Million Recovery for Leg Amputations Following Kidney Infection

A Newark woman who developed a crippling infection after kidney stone treatment agreed to a $3.13 million settlement from a city hospital. A kidney stone was diagnosed when the woman presented to the hospital with pain in her side, nausea and, vomiting. Intravenous fluids improved her condition and she was sent home with instructions to return to the urology clinic the next day, but she didn’t, and when the pain worsened and a family member called an ambulance two days later, the client hid in her house. A few hours later she was in septic shock that led to the amputation of several fingers and both legs at the knees as an apparent consequence of a urinary tract blockage that may have caused the infection. Evidence in the case showed that the woman should not have been discharged and that the delay in her return did not cause her injuries. Additionally, the pain’s effect on her mental state caused her to delay returning. The firm settled the matter on behalf of the client.