$1 Million Settlement for Shoulder Dystocia and Birth Asphyxia

In this Medical Malpractice case, the family of a five-year-old girl accepted a $1 million settlement for birth injuries sustained when their obstetrician failed to timely deliver the baby when encountering a shoulder dystocia. Normally, a stuck shoulder [shoulder dystocia] can be relieved with appropriate maneuvers within five minutes of its occurrence. However, the family’s obstetrician could not deliver the child after 13 minutes, and another doctor had to come in and free the impacted shoulder and effectuate delivery of the baby, which took an additional 3-5 minutes. As a result, the baby suffered birth asphyxia due to cord compression, and currently has developmental delays. Blume Donnelly Partner Michael Zerres obtained the settlement on behalf of the family; which represents the full amount of the doctor’s available liability insurance coverage.