$1,000,000 Settlement for Trucking Accident / Dram Shop Claim

The firm represented the estate of a woman who was killed and her daughter who was injured when an intoxicated truck driver crashed into their car. The truck driver, who became lost as he was traveling from North Carolina to New York, stopped at a New Jersey bar to get directions. He was already slurring his speech and having trouble standing when he went into the bar where he purchased a six-pack of beers to take with him. He had trouble recalling the precise name of the bar, but did give some specific details in the days after the crash. The bar disputed that it was the place identified by the driver but using the description given by the truck driver the firm was able to show that it was the only bar in New Jersey that matched the description. The case settled against the truck driver, the truck driver’s employer, and the bar before trial for one million dollars.