$1,275,000 Settlement for Wrongful Death / Post-Procedure Bleeding

Blume Goldfaden partner Kenneth Elwood represented the estate and family of a woman who died after undergoing a cerebral arteriogram and venous thrombolysis to remove a blockage in a blood vessel in her head. The procedure has an inherent risk of post-procedure bleeding, and healthcare providers need to be cognizant of any signs of bleeding, and treat it in a proper and timely fashion. In this case, the decedent showed numerous manifestations of internal hemorrhaging. These symptoms, including but not limited to hematoma, abnormalities in blood pressure, heart rate and urine output, went unnoticed, or, were ignored by her doctors and nurses for many hours, culminating in hemorrhagic shock, cardiorespiratory arrest and death. Ken settled this claim for $1,275,000.