$8,250,000 Settlement for Failure to Diagnose Birth Defects Prenatally

Blume Forte partner Carol L. Forte represented a six-year-old girl and her family with regard to a medical malpractice claim surrounding misinterpretation of prenatal ultrasound studies by a doctor and an ultrasound technician. Both the doctor and the technician failed to properly interpret “nuchal” measurements seen during a prenatal ultrasound scan (at and about the neck of the developing fetus). If outside of the normal parameters, nuchal measurements are indicative of potential birth defects, and require that additional testing be done to timely ascertain the health of the fetus. Had the ultrasound been interpreted correctly, and those results been imparted to the parents, further testing would have been done, and the parents would have been able to make informed decisions with regard to continuation of the pregnancy. The child was born with numerous birth defects, severe cognitive and physical disabilities, has had numerous prolonged hospitalizations and will require constant lifelong medical and nursing care. Carol settled this Bergen County claim for 8.25 million dollars.