$2.6 Million Settlement for Medical Malpractice

Carol L. Forte, Esq. reached a settlement in a medical malpractice matter where the plaintiff was negligently prescribed a dangerously high dose of the drug Amiodarone, a highly toxic drug prescribed by the defendant cardiologists to treat the plaintiff’s heart condition. The plaintiff had been prescribed this drug in a “loading dose” following a hospitalization for atrial fibrillation. Although the loading dose should only have been continued for a short period of time before being reduced to a much lower dose, the defendants’ negligence caused the plaintiff to continue taking the drug for ten months, an inappropriate and dangerous amount of time. Due to the defendants’ negligence, the plaintiff developed Amiodarone-induced hypothyroidism and polyneuropathy which caused permanent weakness in his arms and legs, causing him to barely be able to walk. The case settled shortly before trial.